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Keeping Track Of What's With Me

JPLT 3kyuu ga dekimashita!!!
This is old news to some of the friends but I want to announce that

I PASSED LEVEL 3 JLPT..... as a fluke!!!
I got something around 68%. The passing rate was 60%.
Honestly, I do not feel that I am a 3 kyuu passer. I can modestly say that I did not study. I only studied the vocab/kanji needed. I am quite surprised that I survived the grammar part as well.

Well, I did study (sort of) when I was having a part time as a Korean tutor. But the year or the months leading to the test I did not prepare at all as far as grammar is concerned. Well maybe being exposed to Japanese at work rubbed off. I was really surprised that the listening part was manageable.  

Yes I have the 3 kyuu on paper and I can now place it in my resume but I really should study the grammar patterns properly. The classes in NCF have been helpful as far as its a venue that I am forced to blab in Japanese which I do not get to do in other places without coming off as crazy. Also, my classmates are great people and the teacher is kalog. Heheheeh...

I hope I can still muster funds for the next semester of class though. This unplanned lay off is really a monkey wrench in my long term plans. Damn it...