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Lyrics of "Life goes on" by Chemistry translated by me!
I am still in testing duty and nothing is changed. I am still procrastinating. Also the fact that my DS has incurred some irreparable damage (unless I buy a new shell)  makes me stressed more (this will be in a different post).  I was in the mood to practice Japanese this afternoon.  It also happened that over at  j-popmusic.com  that the some senior poster posted the official lyrics of the latest single by my favorite  Japanese  male Jpop artist, Chemistry, "Life goes on." It has been looped ad infinitum (both versions) in my Ipod and Itunes so I guess it is high time that I should be able to understand what the song is all about, especially now that the lyrics are out.  

So, I decided to do a translation with the best of my Japanese ability. To those that are better in Japanese than me, please look at my translations and please if you may give out any corrections. I will really appreciate it and other Chemistry fan that stumbles upon this blog entry.

Before my translations, some general notes. I am not familiar with Japanese idioms so if ever they come up and I feel that they are idioms, I will translate them literally. I leave it to your imaginations what they should mean. I will also try my best to express the idea of the passage into English taking liberties to ensure a "localized" approach. I do not want something "to-the-letter" translation that sounds awkward in English.

Here goes....

CHEMISTRY - Life goes on

悲しい時に「悲しい」と告げるのは 弱いってことかな,
Is weakness to say "This is sad" when you are sad,

辛いときに「辛い」と 打ち明けていいかな
Is it good to be frank and say "It is heartbreaking".

I've just got to believe

闇が迫り行き場 失ったとしても
Darkness is closing in wherever you are, even if you are lost,

今はキミがそばにいる 迷わずに踏み出すんだ*
You are with me (so) I can move forward without hesistating / I can move forward without losing my way

流した涙はきっと 光る結晶へと変わる**
(Literally) The flowing tears will surely turn (change) into sparkling crystals

優しく包んで I'll be with you.×2
into a gentle embrace

キミが教えてくれた 自分らしくあることを***
My "individuality" you showed me.

だからどんな時も 信じて進むよ
because of that whatever kind of situation there is, I can  believe in that and progress.

Life goes on.

ボクがキミにしてあげられることって 何があるんだろう
The thing I gave you, what was it again?

苦手なことなら たくさんあるというのに
If its something bad, despite there are may of them

I am to be with you

キミの言葉 ふと思い出してうなずく
I nodded as I suddenly remembered your words

星が掴めそうな夜 終わらぬ愛を誓おう****
When I get hold the stars on my hand, I pledge unending love

流した涙はきっと 光る結晶へと変わる
(Literally) The flowing tears will surely turn (change) into sparkling crystals

震える心で You're by my side.×2
Having fluttering heart,

この声が届かずに あきらめそうになっても
In order for this voice to be heard, though it seems that you are abandoning your resolve,

握った手だけは 離さず進むよ
those hands that hold, release them and you will prosper

Life goes on.

*~side D~ only*キミと出会えて良かった
Im glad that I was able to meet with you

風は絶えず動いて ボクらの背中を押すよ
The wind continuosly blows and it pushes our backs

時が流れても You're my sweet heart.×2
Though time continously flows,

瞬く星の向こう 夢見た未来描こう*****
Beyond the stars, dreaming can illustrate the future

だからその時は 一緒にいようよ*******
So, That day , toegether, let's aim for it.

Life goes on.

* I had particularly hard time translating this line for I do not yet grasped what the line really want to say with the particle "ni".
Again, contractions galore so I do not know whether it is  like "-ni naru" or the "target particle ni".

** This line is interesting for 結晶(けっしょう)/crystallization is methaporically used in this song. Well, I am still bad with Japanese idioms so I just wrote what it could mean that is most logical for me.

*** 自分らしくあること is such a mouthful and was fun to translate. It sounds awkward when you literally translate it into English, the best I can come up with is "individuality" but the phrase's meaning is something like "your own uniqueness".

**** This has again a weird idiom so I just translated it literally and the best I could. But the thing that made it really difficult is this word 終わらぬ (おわらぬ). I do not know how "to end" became conjugated like that. What from is it?

****** Just reading the translation, it is obvious it is another methaphor that I cannot really translate into an appropriate English phrase. However, I really like the word 描こう(えがこう)/ to draw because its metaphorical sense is very deep that I cannot really articulate it nicely here. The verb used metaphorically is more akin to "phenomenology".

******* here the verb is in freakin hiragana only so I do not know what it is. I just looked at the dictionary and put the word that makes most sense. Some other the possible candidates would be "to cast" and "dignity"   

This was corrected by the nice people in the Japinoy forums most especially Maneki-neko-san!

I hope that was helpful!

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OMG I'm in this song! Thanks for the translation =)

Uhm its still a work in progress Ive seen some mistakes and I might fix it in the future if time is willing... But thanks in commenting

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