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Keeping Track Of What's With Me

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Shouta Ranka for the WIN!!!!
I wanted to hear a male Ranka!!! So apparently I was not looking at the right tags. The people of Nico Nico decided to call the male version of Ranka sa ラン太 りー (errr probably read as Ranta or Rantai/Randai Lee)so when I understood that and looked at the proper tags I was able to see/hear very good versions of a male Ranka!!!

He sure sounds like a shouta. But he can sing well. Uhmm. Well in terms of looking it from a Jpop perspective. It is like kiddy bubblegum male (the preteen and uhm up to 14 year old)Jpop but not the annoying JE kind. To be honest, he sounds like a shouta in anime that is voiced by female seiyuu. But I find it amusing.

I cannot pinpoint it but I already heared this kind of voice sometime somewhere. It is nagging! Maybe Erriol form Card Captor Sakura!?!?! Or those characters in Anime that act like tomboy.... AHHHH Sailor Uranus!!!! That is it. Oh BTW the word for tomboy in Japanese is "お転婆さん" (otenbasan)

Here is the longest video that I can find and samples all Ranka's vocal tracks in Macross F.


The cutest (?!?! wtf) is the Nanairo Ninjin song!!! Wahhahahaa... Thats sooo wrong in sooo many levels!!

I really wanted to hear a full version for Seikan Hikou and Ai Oboeteimasu ka. But there isn't too baad.

On a side note, there were also rearrangement of some of the songs available for listening. I like the jazz ones for Seikan Hikou