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Keeping Track Of What's With Me

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Japanese and Korean drama production train chugs along merrily

I link you to javabeans insightful post on news about the latest Korean and Japan productions.




I am really excited by this bit of news. As you all know I am an avid drama watcher.

Japanese and Korean collaborations rank high in my happiness meter as well. All these projects basically mean the posh pretty to look at Korean production meets heartwarming, heartstring tugging writing of Japanese drama tradition. I like Japanese dramas for the writing, how things are subtle and force you to think. I like Korean dramas on the other hand for their pretty cinematography and production values. I am not saying that the Koreans do bad writing or Japanese do not do flashy productions. This collaboration takes the strengths of what each party has to offer and then tries to mash them up for a very good entertaining product.


Also as an added tidbit, Sandara Park is being tapped in one of the short TV movies (if I am correct) good for her. She has already been dead in a PV, become a kunoichi trainee so what is next for her?