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Keeping Track Of What's With Me

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JPLT 3kyuu ga dekimashita!!!
This is old news to some of the friends but I want to announce that

I PASSED LEVEL 3 JLPT..... as a fluke!!!
I got something around 68%. The passing rate was 60%.
Honestly, I do not feel that I am a 3 kyuu passer. I can modestly say that I did not study. I only studied the vocab/kanji needed. I am quite surprised that I survived the grammar part as well.

Well, I did study (sort of) when I was having a part time as a Korean tutor. But the year or the months leading to the test I did not prepare at all as far as grammar is concerned. Well maybe being exposed to Japanese at work rubbed off. I was really surprised that the listening part was manageable.  

Yes I have the 3 kyuu on paper and I can now place it in my resume but I really should study the grammar patterns properly. The classes in NCF have been helpful as far as its a venue that I am forced to blab in Japanese which I do not get to do in other places without coming off as crazy. Also, my classmates are great people and the teacher is kalog. Heheheeh...

I hope I can still muster funds for the next semester of class though. This unplanned lay off is really a monkey wrench in my long term plans. Damn it...

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hahaha... ganyan din ata situation ko dun sa level 4 ko... pasang awa hahaha

Hey im not borderline... I got 68.5% to be exact! Hehehe.. And that is like only one question in the listening or in the comprehension to make it 70%. Wahehehe...

Well I am still deciding to take it again this year to make my score better or just plunge into level 2 and emotionally scar myself forever!! Wahahaha

hehehe sige na nga :P

good luck sa level 2 ;)

(Deleted comment)

I always wanted to have a formal study of Japanese but hehe I just have no time for it.. I guess I can manage passing Level 4 XD

Go at it. Especially now. I really suggest you take the JLPT this year. Level 4 is easy enough. Esp if you are very attuned to listening to Jpop. Hehehe...
If you dont take it this year next year you will contend with the new and much more difficult exam format.
I wish you the best of luck!!

Wahahaha. Paano ba magtest ng JLPT? Ung sa mga kapatid ko nagtest sila ng Chinese proficiency. Gusto ko malaman kung gaano ako kaproficient sa Jap.

btw... dont use the word "jap" its offensive...
anyways... to apply for the JLPT around aug the Japan Foundation (in Pacific Star building) hands out application forms... you need to apply then. The price varies and its about 600 i think for the lower levels...
the test will be the first sunday of December and that is set in stone unless something happens to the Phil Govt or the Japanese gov"t and it is almost always in La Salle taft.
for more info please go to this site..


Hello, nice to be here!

Just saying "hi" from the Gold Coast, Australia - Looking Forward To Getting Involved.

Thanks...this looks really interesting. I am looking forward to having my say!

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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