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Keeping Track Of What's With Me

Macross Frontier
I am not so much of a mecha fan. I know of them but I get easily bored with mecha anime. I do not know why. But Macross Frontier is making me spazz uncontrollably.

As always, I choose to see things when the fervor for them has died out or something like a year has passed. I am still feeling "high" because I did not got to sleep. I was having a series marathon. I only ended up seeing around the 13th episode. So that is halfway into the series.

Seeing only now something as popular as this was can take some of the enjoyment from you. For one, I know of the ending already. And I have read all the summaries. So somehow I know what will happen next.

But well that did not dampen my enjoyment factor. I was laughing like a maniac when I finally saw Ranka Lee's handsign that can stop wars. Wahahaha I was literally ROFLOL because I finally got what ludicrous meme that was. I like the music and the faboulousness the show has when either Songstress sings.

I decided not to finish the whole series at once. Its best that I leave out some to anticipate the following day. Wahahaha. Thats how bored I am right now... hehehe

Taking Japanese classes...
Yesterday was the start of my formal Japanese classes since I had them in college. It was also the start of having Japanese classes outside Ateneo.

True to my assumptions/expectations, students of the NCF were really better in speaking. That facet of the language is really my waterloo and my classes there would really help me with my weak points.

We were only 8 or so in class. I like that size. That means more focused discussion and ample to time to speak during recitations.

I also like how our class is made up. All are working and have varied personalities. The teacher is also very spirited.

I look forward to having classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening.
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Hello blog.
Hello blog.

It has been quite some time since I last logged something.
I have not forgotten you. It is just that I don't find the inspiration to
write anything. Work has been disappointing and has sapped my will to share
I will eventually go back to writing something on you soon. I do not
get any more readers other than my friends but I feel that I should somehow try to chronicle my outbursts once in a while.

Hoping to write something more substantial soon,

Koko ni Touch!!!
I have just finished watching the most recent live action movie adaptation of the manga/anime classic Touch (タッチ). khursten has been pimping this manga/anime for the longest time and it was only recent that I was able to get a copy of the movie iteration.

Much like all live action movie adaptations of classic manga/anime or novels, the movie assumes that you fairly know the original material already so it only highlights several key plot points. Often times, I feel cheated or missing out of some the very aspects that makes the adapted material great. That was my experience with the Densha Otoko and the Waterboys movie. In retrospect, I can also include Hachimitsu to Kuroba (Honey and Clover) as a victim to such a treatment.

As for the movie of Touch, It seems that the movie concerned it self with the beginning of story arc the blossoming love story of Minami and Ta-chan that captured the hearts of so many Japanese in the 1980's. Though the movie was not sparred the treatment that I described earlier, I believe it has piqued my interest to the point where in it really made me consider watching the behemoth of a anime (101 episodes with several movies and OAV's under the franchise) and reading when possible the manga. Also the fact that one of my male superiors at work really loves the manga series made me much more intrigued.

I have to be honest and say that I pick most of what I screen via the actors. Though I knew this IS TOUCH, I only became really interested when I saw that Masami Nagasawa was casted as Minami. I have seen many of her movies and series so I am quite familiar with her. She is not the most amazing actress there si but her presence is what I can call as refreshing. I do not mind seeing her because she can do a passable job. All the character she plays immediately become likable for me. The next inl ine for commendable actors that made this movie work was the real life Saito identical twins playing as the Uesugi twins. Much like the girl lead, their portrayal made watching the movie for the one hour or so worthwhile. They may not be excempted from the flaw of countless Japanese male actors who only have one distinct expression in their faces whatever emotion the seen calls for, I think that the whole presentation of the movie salvaged that shortcoming. (FYI, IMHO, the only uber popular Japanese male actors that can portray a wide array of emotions that can be seen vividly in their face would be Satoshi Tsumabuki, in 2nd place would be Sakaguchi Kenji and honorable would be Kimura Takuya. I know there are many more actors out there but this is a personal listing.)

A little segue if you may, I was really surprised to see a good execution of identical twins by real identical twins (duh!!!) This made me remember the clamor for Ouran Host club to be made into a real life adaptation. The Saitou twins get my vote over the ones people are recommending. They may not look like "Kakkoii" or "Johnny Kei" to most people but at least you can tell them apart by their respective presence/s and their acting in this movie was OK for them to be considered for the roles. My reasoning is biased for I know to well that idols cannot act except looking cute for the camera.

Also, I felt bad for the other twin. He was just around for the first half of the movie. I remember khursten saying in her own manga blog that Kazuya was a mere plot device. Hidoi!!! But yeah seeing this movie made him appear a little bit like what she said. Kawaisou Kazuya-chan.

Also, I really liked the modern take on Touch (the OP song) that was made as an insert song. The only thing that was WTF for me was this particular shot of Masami Nagasawa bobbing chest as she was racing for the bus stop. That was gratuitous much for my taste.

I end with saying that it was a treat to see Fukushi Seiji (Kuroki of Nodame Cantabile fame) as the stoic side character. I was really surprised. Was he that slim or maybe the layers of clothes he needs to wear in Nodame made him quite bigger when we saw him as Kuroki? I guess stucked up boys are really the character type suited for Seiji-san.

Heroes movie
Another slow day...

After reading some japanese grammar... I dediced to idle my time away by watching the HERO movie, the movie for the highest rated Kimu Taku drama there is.  It was fun. I really got the difference with a Jdorama and a movie is. In Jdorama they have to content with smaller sets and not so moving cameras. But with movies the cinematographer and the director can go wild. So I really liked how the movie was shot coz it gives the HERO formula a fresh prespective.

I liked the HERO dorama so naturally I will like this one. The court scenes which were practically nonexistent in the Dorama were really executed better here. Their inclusion really made this a "Lawyer drama" as oppossed to the one the Dorama stuck too which made Kuryu like a wannabe detective.

Anyways another point is encased in my IM messages to my friend::

[15:36] fyrestarter_markymrk: Wahahaha... sorry I just have to let this out
[15:36] fyrestarter_markymrk: watching a kimu taku movie made me realize that both KimuTaku and Yamapi really came out from one acting school/talento factory
[15:37] fyrestarter_markymrk: they like to look at the camera and do pacute gestures... HAHAH

Antique (Korean version) has a release date
for the movie poster please go to fangorn's website

So November 13 is its screening in Korea... So by around Xmas or even earlier I might even see a bootlegged copy of it in the stalls of the friendly local neighborhood media pirates.

Anyways I am confused as to who is playing Ohno, the guy with the demonic charm? And why does the actor playing the boxer (I think) is posing like that? I thought he was as straight as a stick! That is why Ohno took him in. He was dead serious about learning the craft as well as he was not affected by Ohno's presence much like Tachibana. 

Maybe I am wrong with my guesses and the one who is posing like a gay guy is indeed playing Ohno. Hmmm. I guess that is a mis cast already. XD

I even haven't watch an episode of the Japanese anime and here I am saying something about the Korean one that I might be able to watch coming X'mas. I have no internet connection that I can abuse for downloading torrents ToT. Might search different friendly local media pirates if they carry the series.

Kanji Hybrid learning system
I have been procrastinating about posting about this amusing way to remember kanji meanings.Since I have been relatively free at work and is in bad need of Japanese review, I decided to do this so that I can pass off the time as well as get even a smidgen of kanji review.

The system that I am about to introduce is called Kanji Hybrid by Prof. Vee David. He is an university profossor in Miyazaki, Japan. He is also a Filipino but has been living in Japan for around 17 years now.  This system is detailed in his book entitled "The Kanji Handbook" and is available via Amazon.

The system plays around with the proven fact that if you recognize enough English words, you don't need to know the correct spelling as long as the first and last letters, and the length are correct as well as the other letters are in the word. Much like this, "Jcak wnet up the baen satlk." I know you understood that. Even Google understood it. The system takes that quirk with our word recognition and "forces" the learner to associate a particular kanji with a English word. Much like these for instance, 遊lay, 飲rink 食at, 山ountain. This is  great visual aid when you want to easily and speedily recall kanji meanings in the secondary language you are learning Japanese or even Chinese for that matter. 
Enough explanation, a good example should be in order. I took the famous "Trees" poem by Joyce Kilmer and applied the kanji hybrid system that Prof. David thought up.

I 考hink that I shall 不ever 見ee
A 歌oem 美ovely as a 木ree

A 木ree whose hungry 口outh is 置rest
Against the 甘weet 世arth's 流lowing 胸reast

A 木ree that 見ooks at 神od 中ll 日ay,
And 上ifts 女er 葉eafy 腕rms to 祈ray;
A 木ree that may in 夏ummer 着ear
A 巣est of 鳥obins in 女er 毛air;

上pon whose 胸osom 雪now has 置ain
Who 互nitimately 居ives with 雨ain

歌oems are 作ade by fools like 私e,    
But only 神od can 作ake a 木ree.

Some personal tips in using this system.

*This only works for what I call "nuclear" kanji. Or Kanji that have meaning by themselves. Unfortunately the system cannot work with Kanji compounds.
*Make your own list! Though in his book, Prof. David outlines what he thinks are the best partners to most common kanji there are, I believe this system works best for your own understanding of kanji and your own meaning associations with it.
*It is better to make sentences in a context rather than make a list of kanji hybrids. This has connections with my association point I stressed with the tip before as well as the fact that visual and tacit association between two languages is really the foundation for this system.
To illustrate that point further, here is an example. You can apply the system to the word/term "heart" in two ways; 心eart which is close to the term "spirit" or 恋eart for anything nuancing romantic love. There are more of these verstatile English words and your own understanding maybe very different from mine. So it is better to place things in a context.
*This system associates only meanings so the task of memorizing the "on-yomi" and the "kun-yomi" still falls on the student. Also this system wont help you remember stroke order or the proper way of writing the kanji. I believe this is really a tool to force you to remember what kanji is appropriate for a given context.
*The system also works well/compatible with other languages whose manner of writing words is similar to Roman language much like Filipino. For example are 雨lan, 山undok, 犬so, etc.
*This is another way to profess your a weaboo. XD
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Synthesized sounds (beeps and rings) never sounded this good!!!
Well I have things to do in the office but the damn Internet is really distracting...

I once again hit the bowels of Nico Nico Douga to find some cool links to songs re-arranged into the synthesizer sounds of the Mario universe. It was such as treat. I got so see a video/ hear a copy of 全力少年 redone to the sounds of the synthesized notes of the Mario tone repertoire. It was really fun to listen to. Amazing it was relaxing. Hahahah.. That says so much as to how I am such a geek when it comes to these things.
Mario melodies relaxes me XD.

Anyways for the links!!

Here is for the 全力少年 one.

Here is another one much more complicated it is for the song Hello,Again~昔からある場所~ Which is oddly familiar

For those who are not member of Nico Nico Douga for the umpteenth time I am encouraging you guys to register!

If the Japanese is appalling you may want to visit this site. ASIAJIN

There are articles posted here very recently  that walks through non-Japanese speaking/reading people into registering and navigating Nico Nico Douga. 

Enjoy your alternative to youtube! Hahahaha...

An open question....
I have been hitting Nico Nico Douga very often these days.I made a search for videos with tags related to the keyword "Firipin" in kana... there are many results. Among them are videos of Gay beauty pageants, Legit beauty pageants, some music videos, comparison of Zaido with Shaider videos and a lots of other stuff. I was surprsed that there were a lot of videos. I just checked a few days ago and it was not that many.

A particular video series caught my attention...







The links are actually video diaries of a kid about his travel to the Philippines... his name is... 山下威豆三

I cannot read what is his name... the "Yamashita" only... Hahaha... He seems to be an Nico Nico star/ Youtube rat coz he has lots of hits in Google leading to various youtube/nico nico douga videos as well as other video streaming sites.

I am curious as to what he is saying... I can understand basic Japanese but that only goes as far as reading and writing. Listening and oral aspects are my waterloo. To those who are members of Nico Nico douga and are better than me in their Japanese capability, may you please get a quick run through of the videos and tell me what the kid is generally saying?

There is one bit I undertand though. In one of his "chronicles" he went to one SM. He went into a Tempura family restorant chain and scrutinized the menu particularly the bottom banner part. He said that the use of Japanese was weird but he can still understand what it was saying. He points out the weird usage of "yori" in the menu. Also he pointed out a misprint or maybe altogether wrong usage of kana. I too cannot understand what word the kana string that was printed was trying to say. 

I actually did not notice those wrong use of Japanese in the Tempura menu before the kid pointed it out.

Again, I repeat, all you guys that have not signed up for Nico Nico Douga, please sign up. Heheheh 

Haruhism and Chemistry in one place!!!!
You have not read wrong this post IS ABOUT BOTH Chemistry and something to do with Haruhi (the anime series)!!

One genius at Nico Nico Douga tweaked Aya Hirano-san's voice used in the opening of the Haruhi anime and turned ito into Douchin-san's singing voice.

I tell you that it is uncanny. It really sounds like the real thing. This is a treat for both Chemistry and Haruhi fans.

I would like to use an iframe for this but alas LJ does not allow it so... here is a link!!

DOUCHIN SINGS 冒険でしょでしょ?, Bōken Desho Desho

I tell you guys you should join Nico Nico douga now!!!!

Apparently this is a bit of a meme in nico nico douga... I found another great one...

This is the voice of Satoshi (We Filipinos and Americans know the protagonist as Ash) from Pokemon singing Pieces of a dream... Clickety here...

Here is the reverse of the link I posted earlier. It features songs done by Chemistry then tweaks it a bit to become Aya Hirano-san's voice... Click here... But IMHO, the original one is by far the most similar to the intended voice.